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Lead by the BGZ, partners from universities and music venues in Berlin, Florence and Lviv – supported by marketing partners – will strive to tap into the potentials of new technologies for music performing arts and establishments.

Three use cases – „Auralisation and Artistic Performance“, „Auralisation and Audience Experience“ and „Auralisation and New Knowledge for the Culture Industry“ will explore auralisation experiences with 3D-models of the music venues that mirror the sound of the real music venue in a virtual environment and discover how architecture influences sound.

The good practice examples for the auralisation established with AURA invite music artists and managers to go on a journey in the virtual space, to explore how their music sounds in different virtual music venues and to make use of auralisation for exciting new ways of experiencing music that they may offer to their listeners.

Participating venues: Konzerthaus Berlin, Opera di Firenze, Lviv National Opera

Business and marketing strategies with distribution and monetisation scenarios will create opportunities for the sustainable use of new technologies to stimulate innovation and enrich the music market. Demonstrations and promotion events will encourage the usage of auralisation.

Invitation – Online Panel 16 December 2022

With its cross-sectoral collaboration networks, AURA will reach out to the European music community, demonstrating new opportunities for creativity, promoting European heritage in new ways and demonstrating European excellence in the world of music. AURA will put all efforts towards making auralised music events a success story.