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A set of research and development activities on auralisation will take place: Three case studies will provide models and experimentations with auralisation technologies, technical guidance and marketing strategies. Promotion and engagement of stakeholders activities will make the project, its intentions and results widely visible.

Case Study 1: Auralisation and Artistic Performance (recording of a classical music piece in an anechoic chamber)

A set of reverberation-free single tracks separately for each instrument will be recorded to be used for simulations. Musicians and music experts will then investigate how to “work” with the auralised environments and perform a series of arrangements in different simulated venues.

Case Study 2: Auralisation and Audience Experience (listening scenarios with 3D models)

The scenarios will show how different types of listeners will experience auralised tracks and how visual and sound perception is interconnected. Further, the auralisation models will be explored from an architectural perspective, to discover the potentials for designing sound-relevant or sound-sensitive spaces. A set of tutorials will demonstrate the methodology for the scenarios and explain the findings.

Case Study 3: Auralisation and New Knowledge for the Culture Industry (promoting new business opportunities and marketing strategies)

AURA will develop marketing and business strategies for auralised formats and auralisation techniques and promote them in the music sector, addressing both music organisations and music audiences. The strategy papers will provide distribution and monetisation scenarios, advice on digital tools (including prototyped) and technical guidance.

Auralised 3D-models of music venues in Berlin, Firenze and Lviv

AURA will produce 3D-models and auralisation models of three very different music venues in design and age. Simulation of audio performances with the models will show how architectural environments influence sound and discover opportunities for musicians, music experts and designers to use acoustic modelling for creating new exciting listening experiences.

Dissemination and Stakeholder engagement

The BGZ will initiate multifaceted public relation to promote the idea of virtualised musical events with auralisation scenarios. Demonstrations and promotion events will activate managers and decision-makers in the music sector. An informal network with stakeholders from the cultural marketing sector will be created to promote the new business opportunities. With social media, the general audience will be invited to enjoying new types of musical performances. Through European networks, AURA will reach out to a critical number of music venues, organisations and ensembles all over Europe to make auralised music events a success story.

International Online Panel

What fantastic sound journeys does the future hold in store for our audiences? All over Europe, the world of opera, ballet, concert, and theatre are exploring new avenues to attract wider audiences and offer novel experiences to add to the portfolio of classic music performances. Get acquainted with those pioneering adventures from forward-looking houses across Europe and glimpse the future of an unprecedented aural and audio-visual landscape in the classic music culture sphere.

Have a look at our panel “AURA – Glimpsing the Future of Immersive Sound Experience” from 16 December 2022 with key players from the field of classic music performance and explore the future visions behind their pioneer projects.