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Auralisation of acoustic heritage sites using Augmented and Virtual Reality

Do you hear what I hear?

With the project AURA, we will explore the potentials of auralisation – a technique creating virtual soundscapes in 3D models to artificially making acoustic situations audible – for music performing arts and establishments, building new audiences, new business models, new performance practices and exciting new aural experiences.


Implementation in: Germany, Italy, Ukraine
Duration: 2021-2022
Partners in Berlin:
HTW Berlin, Konzerthaus Berlin
Transnational Partners:
in Italy: UniFI, Vie En.Ro.Se
in Ukraine: LPNU, TDC Lviv, MagneticOne

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“AURA will create virtual soundscapes for an acoustic experience that perfectly matches up with its analogue counterpart. An exciting and urgently needed development. As Senator for European affairs, I am very pleased that with this project Berlin is actively engaging with cultural networks throughout Europe.”

Foto LedererDr. Klaus Lederer, Senator for Culture and European Affairs, Berlin